Our surety practice includes the representation of a variety of national sureties in areas relating to contract suretyship, including the coordination of their claim investigations, litigation, alternative dispute resolution and the prosecution of surety indemnity and salvage rights. We have represented sureties in numerous complex default situations on a variety of public and private projects. We have extensive experience handling claims and litigation arising from judicial bonds, including probate, receivership, supersedeas and appeal bonds, as well as a wide variety of commercial bonds.

Our surety practice group is highly experienced in the follow areas:
• construction bond claims and litigation • performance and payment bonds • Miller Act bonds • state public works bonds • construction bonds • joint control and supervision agreements • surety takeover and completion • mechanic's lien substitution and release bonds • indemnity, subrogation and salvage litigation • subdivision and development bonds • environmental and remediation bonds • maintenance bonds • commercial bond claims and litigation • license bonds • professional bonds • permit bonds • occupational bonds • motor vehicle dealer license bonds • lost instrument bonds • title bonds • public official bonds • bankruptcy trustee bonds • agricultural bonds • manufactured housing bonds • meat packer bonds • bail bonds • commercial bail operations including regulation and management • mortgage broker bonds • appeal bonds • supersedeas bonds • probate bonds • receivership bonds • surety regulatory law • agent and agency relationships • arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution proceedings • surety and insurance coverage disputes

Our fidelity practice includes the investigation and litigation of employee dishonesty claims and issues involving commercial crime policies, fidelity bonds, and financial institution bonds. We are also experienced in claims involving forged, altered, and counterfeit instruments. Our experience includes fiduciary responsibility insurance policies, including coverage for ERISA benefit plan trustees.

Our fidelity practice group frequently works in the following specific areas:
• fidelity law • fidelity claim investigation, evaluation and litigation • commercial crime policy investigation, evaluation and litigation • financial institution bond claim investigation, evaluation and litigation • forged, altered, and counterfeit instrument claim investigation and litigation • indemnity, subrogation, salvage and recovery investigations and proceedings • fidelity and insurance coverage disputes • debt management services bonds • surety regulatory law • trustee bonds • probate and bonds of personal representatives • ERISA and fringe benefit bonds • fidelity insurance regulatory and administrative law

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